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How do you catch your catch for sure? Our tips and tricks

In Link’s Awakening, simply sending the line to the far left of the screen (holding A) and then tracing it back to your target is not enough.You must already make sure that you place your lure at the height at which the fish you want to catch is moving.To do this, you can move the line by bringing it back to the right with the left joystick, or by moving it up with a little pressure on any other side of the same joystick.It’s when it bites that everything gets a little complicated!

Patience is the mother of safety

You must indeed press button A to pull your plug up (either by holding it down to do this slowly, or by pressing it repeatedly to make it go faster), but it will struggle at some point.As soon as you feel that the line is in danger of dropping because the fish is struggling too much, simply release A for one or two seconds and take up the pressure again.If you do it right, you’ll bring it a little closer to the bank each time, but if you try to pull it up for too long, the line will break.” In short, all the subtlety consists in finding the moment when the line is likely to break to take a break just before, and start again!

pictures shows you how to catch a basic fish without worries: https://www.pinterest.com/angling1103/fishing-guide/

As soon as you catch a fish larger than 50cm (so choose the greens for that), you will be rewarded not only with a heart fragment but also with a standard lure, more suitable for all catches than the light lure provided by default.You will be able to change the lure after each attempt (successful or failed) but also when you start the activity.Still beware, it will cost you 10 rubies each time (unless you don’t catch any catches on the way up the line, the game will give you a chance to throw it again each time).

You can also retrieve a heavy lure when you catch a catch of more than 100cm: either the Bloups or the blue fish at the bottom of the pond (see below).This will make it much easier for you to catch blue fish, which are the ones that bring you the most rubies.Note however that this mini-game, while rich in collectibles (see below), is far from being the most lucrative method; for this, we would advise you to look more at the side of the descent of the rapids!

Select the right materials, new our used .

What are the rewards to be won in the fishing mini-game?

As we explain in our page dedicated to the secondary objectives of the game, several precious collectibles are to be collected in this mini-game, and this from the very beginning of the game, as long as you have 10 rubies to pay the participation fee! Here’s what you can get right away, and what we advise you to fish to quickly increase your resistance right from the start:

As you progress through the scenario, you will discover other creatures in the pond.First of all, a very big blue fish that only swims on the bottom, for which the heavy lure will be preferred.This grip will require much more patience because it will struggle faster and longer: so be patient! It will notably allow you to recover a carrelite used for Igor’s tests.In the following video we show you how to get rid of them:

Finally, if you catch a Bloups or a Cheep Cheep, you get a shellfish to reward you for each of them (only the first time for each, of course).In both cases, we strongly recommend that you try your luck when your targets are relatively close to you : Being the type to struggle a lot more (especially the Cheep Cheep, who jumps out of the water before breaking the wire!), it’s better to be content with a minimum of attempts to bring them to the surface.

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